2018 Sponsors

The success of SHALL not only lies with the families who register their children to participate, but also with the business and individuals within our community who generously sponsor the league.

As a SHALL sponsor, one-hundred percent (100%) of your contribution goes directly to help hundreds of local children in the community participate in little league baseball and softball.

The benefits of sponsorship are many:

  • Tax deductibility of donations;
  • Personal satisfaction of helping children in our community;
  • Enhanced stature in the community; and
  • Advertising at local fields through the use of sponsorship banners (depending on sponsorship level)

If you are interested in sponsoring SHALL, we invite you to review our sponsorship information to determine what level of support is right for you.

Thank you in advance for your generous support.

Please direct all sponsorship inquiries and questions to our treasurer, Nicole Losacco or either of our Sponsorship Coordinators, Jilyan Augustyn or Andy McLeod.

2018 Sponsors
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