Safety First

At SHALL, Safety is our first priority.

We believe that by fostering a safe place for our children, we can learn to respect eachother, respect the game, and have a great time doing it!

As an organization, we have taken many steps to ensure the safety of our players, coaches, and fans:

SHALL is striclty a volunteer run organization; all of our volunteers are screened with a federal and state background check, and approved by the board.

Our board has appointed a safety officer, to provide ongoing support for player safety.

Each team has coaches trained in first aid, and CPR, and are required to attend training at least once every 3 years.

Coaches are trained in recognizing symptoms of concussions, and what to do in the event of concussions. Most of this training has also been made to parents though the links on the right.

Fields are inspected annually by the board, and prior to each game by the coaches to ensure safety.

Incidents are reported to the board within 48 hours, and assistance is provided in the case of accident/injury.

Managers, Coaches, and parents are informed, and encouraged to educate and enforce SHALL safety rules.

Each year we create a safety plan, and make it available to all those who desire to review. Please see the links to the right to download this document.

Safety IS NOT a program run by one person, but is a program run by all. If you see anything that may jeapordize safety in any way, it is your duty to notify the board, the safety officer is your point of contact for these issues.

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