Spring 2018 registration fees are as follows:

T-Ball and Coach Pitch (A Baseball)
Minors AA and AAA (Player Pitch)
Softball $110.00

PLEASE NOTE: Visit our scholarships page for information on financial assistance with registration fees.

Q. I'm not sure what level (T-Ball, coach pitch, majors/minors, 50/70, etc.) I should sign my child(ren) up for -- what should I do?

A. No problem. This is why have assessments. Just sign him/her up for one of the divisions and we will work with you to find out which division best suits his/her abilities, subject to little league rules.

Q. I'm interested in signing my son or daughter up for little league. When and where are practices and games?

A. Each individual coach has authority to set his/her own practice schedule after draft day. Depending on what level your child plays, practices could be held 1-3 times per week during weeks in which there is no game and less often when games begin in April. Because game schedules (including opponents, dates and fields) are determined in cooperation with other area little leagues, game schedules are generally not available until later in March. Please see our fields link for a listing of possible fields where practices and games may occur.

Q. I keep hearing about my child's "league age." What is it?

A. "League age" refers to the classification system for determination of a youngster's age developed by Little League International. For example, although your child may actually and chronologically be age 8, Little League may consider him/her "league age" to be 9 (making him/her eligible for 9/10 tournament at the end of the regular season.) To find out your child's league age, click here.

Q. Here's a random question: Can my child use his or her bat during games?

A. Spending hundreds of dollars on a bat only to find out that it may not be used in a game is one of the more frustrating things a parent can experience. Please check this list before making the decision to invest your hard-earned money on a new or used bat. Please remember that our coaches have several league-approved bats on hand, so you may not need to purchase one anyway. We do, however, strongly encourage parents to purchase a separate batting helmet for their child(ren).

Have another question not answered above? Please contact us.

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